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From the Keyboard of the Executive Director                                                              

What can I tell you about Louder Than Words Dancetheatre? 

​In trying to put into words a summary of a company dedicated to making art in motion, I often find myself wishing I could just invite all of the readers to join us for a rehearsal. So, if you are reading this, please consider yourself invited to any of our open rehearsals. . 

If you can't join us, let me tell you a bit about our passion and dedication. We here at LTW believe that dance has value not only to its participants but to our community as a whole. We believe that creating beautiful, moving, smart art and sharing it with as many people as we can has inherent worth. Over the course of our collective experience, we have seen that participating-- regardless if that participation is as a dancer, designer, student, or audience member-- in movement art can generate powerful changes and experiences for individuals and communities. 

Our performances over the course of several years have explored several distinct themes. First we've explored the balance and mutual influence science and math can have with dance and second, we have explored how changing perspectives can impact how a viewer experiences art. 

We believe that by taking art and dance out of our schools has shortchanged a generation of Americans and stunted our intellectual growth. It is our ambition to take people of any age and any experience with dance and help them gain an appreciation for and the vocabulary to talk about and understand dance. What we have discovered is that in the process of putting ourselves out to the greater population, we learn more and more about our art forms and our places in our community.

As a group of Denver natives and transplants we believe that Denver is on the cusp of a cultural renaissance and we want LTW to be a part of that rebirth. Looking around this city, we see parts of town long-neglected being embraced by their inhabitants, we see the culinary scene on the rise, museums, galleries and cultural arenas all growing in note and renown. We believe that movement performance has a place in that growth and our experiences have shown that when we put good, challenging art out to a Denver audience, our audience responds and wants more. 

We are pleased to provide our audience with more be it in the form of classes, workshops, performances, talk-back sessions after shows or open rehearsals. One of the critical pieces of LTW''s mission is to engage our community in conversation about art and one of the obstacles to that conversation is a lack of a common language. Between our post-show talk-back sessions, our open rehearsals and our workshop performances, we try to introduce vocabulary and language to our audience in ways that are interesting and valuable to both sides of the equation. We are able to learn from what they are seeing and they are able to learn more about how dance is created and how much work goes into every minute of creation. 

One of the neatest aspects of the workshop shows is that audience members can come to them, give feedback, hear more about our perspectives on creation, talk with our design team and company and then have the opportunity to see where all of these factors lead in our full-length productions. 

We have discovered that combining our final workshop performance of the season with a fund raising event is very successful and satisfying. This is an
expanded performance as we are usually in the process of refining work for our season-ending show and raising money to fund that show. By having our Design Team present concepts and design elements, we invite those folks in attendance to get a sneak peek at what we''ll be doing in June and they seem to enjoy it quite a bit. There is a sense of investment in the work produced.  

Whether you join us for our fundraising workshop, a full-scale production or an open rehearsal, what you will discover is a a group of creative artists willing and excited to talk about our work and engage you in conversation about what we're doing.  It really is an interactive process and we value your
feedback very much.  

Thank you so much for supporting the performing arts and participating in the richness of art in Denver!

Whit Ryan

Louder Than Words Dancetheatre (“LTW”) was formed as a modern and jazz dance company in 1998. Under the artistic direction of Chris Harris and production management of Whit Ryan. The primary goal for the company was to be a project-based dance company producing new works in Denver, Colorado. In January of 2008, after a decade of learning, transforming and expanding, LTW’s co-founders finalized the process of transforming the organization from its original structure to a not-for-profit performing arts company.

Mission Statement:    Louder Than Words Dancetheatre celebrates excellence in dance by creating art in motion, providing a home for movement performance, and facilitating a dialogue between artists and the communities in which they exist.